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Kirsten Harvey, BEd. Hons, MA, ARPS, ABIPP, AMPA, ASWPP, is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer, having gained prestigious photographic qualifications with The Royal Photographic society, British Institute of Professional Photographers, Master Photographers Association and The Society of Portrait Photography. She is self-taught, having worked both in the darkroom and the digital studio.


Kirsten has had her work displayed in numerous exhibitions, has been featured in publications, has taken photos for the International Safari Rally teams and had her work chosen for TV, advertising the plight of the street children of Kenya. Kirsten specialised in tribal portraiture in Kenya, market photography in France and Italy, baby portraits and food photography in England and now street portraiture in Asia.


Kirsten set up an educational photography site for children, established a baby portrait business and is at present is embarking on a new venture -Focus on Cambodia, an innovative photography project, working with and helping the local children of Siem Reap and Kampong Cham.


Kirsten is a qualified and experienced teacher holding B.ED. Honours and MA degrees. She has been Head of Art, Head of Drama and Music, Elementary Class Teacher and Teacher of Photography, working with children from 4 to 14 years in international, private, state, boarding and day schools. She now teaches Art at Singapore American School. 


Kirsten continues to travel, pursuing her passion for creating images which capture the essence of the places and the hearts of the people.









Kirsten's exhibitions have been opened by B.B.C. Wildlife presenter, author and photographer, Jonathan Scott and the renowned actress and international, travel and film photographer, Lydia Clark-Heston, from Beverly Hills, CA.


Kirsten is soon to launch an exhibition of her own work in Singapore to raise money for her deaf son's cochlear implants.


'Kirsten has one of the most remarkably keen eyes in the photographic world.’  (Lydia Clarke –Heston. Actress and Photographer. Widow of Charlton Heston. Beverly Hills. CA.)



'Kirsten is one of a very small, elite group of people who can actually see a picture. She sees art through her camera before she takes the photograph.'(Ray Lowe. FBIPP. FMPA. FRPS. QEP.)


'Her work is sheer brilliance.' (Lowe)


'Kirsten's photography is very rare, as her work has more soul and feelings than anything I have seen. Her work takes you to places you wish you could go, and you can hear the sounds of life within her images. They are far more than just photographs; they have an artistic depth of quality that is rarely seen, making her images an investment for the future.' (Lowe)


'Kirsten is an incredibly talented photographer whose eye for composition, light and mood is second to none. Her photographs are striking and mesmerising and she has an innate ability to capture the essence of each subject.' (Millie Pilkington, photographer for the royal family. Great Britain)


'The eyes of Kirsten's portrait reflect their soul - all in one instant. No one captures the spirit like she does. Just beautiful. Each picture reaches out to the heart and shares a whole story without words. It's such a rare gift'  ( Brige Steedman)


'Anyone can take a few good images. The sign of a wonderful photographer is that Kirsten does it consistently. Her work is amazing and inspirational.' (Patricia Yeaman)


'Kirsten always seems to capture more than just a picture.' (Simon Nethercott)


'Kirsten's photos are like looking through her eyes, a beautiful soul. '(Nicky Ellis)



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