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-Peranakan Houses -

Fabric Art  by  Kirsten Harvey

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Kirsten Harvey, B.Ed. Hons., M.A., A.R.P.S., A.B.I.P.P., A.M.P.A., A.S.W.P.P., 

Kirsten is an art teacher, fabric artist and internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer.

For over 30 years, Kirsten has been Head of Art, Head of Drama and Music, Elementary Class Teacher and Teacher of Photography.

She has lived and worked in England, Italy, France, Kenya and Singapore.

Kirsten now lives in Singapore with her husband and two teenage sons and is

Head of Elementary Art at the Singapore American School. 


Kirsten enjoys travel, pursuing her passion for creating photographs and art which capture the essence of the places and the hearts of the people.

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